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Integrate ProtectNetwork: With Shibboleth SP 2.x

If you have already integrated Shibboleth into your Website or WebApp using Shibboleth SP version 2.x (SAML 2, SAML 1.1) then you can follow these steps to configure your Shibboleth SP installation to consume ProtectNetwork SAML assertions.

  1. Add a line within the MetadataProvider element
    <MetadataProvider type="XML"
         backingFilePath="protectnetwork-metadata.xml" reloadInterval="7200">
  2. An alternate method to the step above consists of the following steps:
    • Download Protectnetwork metadata from
    • Copy this metadata file to the Shibboleth SP machine (e.g., c:Metadataprotectnetwork-metadata.xml)
    • Add a metadata provider element in Shibboleth SP configuration file shibboleth2.xml within the MetadataProvider element
      <MetadataProvider type="XML" file=“protectnetwork_metadata_file”/>
  3. If you wish to use ProtectnetWork as the default Identity Provider the value for the entityID attribute in the default SessionInitiator element (denoted by the isDefault=”true”) should be “
  4. Finally, you will need to register your SP with ProtectNetwork. To do this, you will need an Enterprise Administrator account. Once approved, you can add your SP to ProtectNetwork through the web interface.
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