Secure Single Sign-On Cloud Service

Solutions: ProtectNetwork SSO Service

 Public SSO ProtectNetwork is a multi-tenant, fully-managed, identity provider service. It is a great way to facilitate secure collaborations among trusted business partners while improving the user experience by using a single unified identity system.

Project managers and administrators use our SaaS service in a self-service manner and on-board their Apps and Users within minutes. Once on-boarded, users are then able to get secure federated access to authorized Apps trusted by ProtectNetwork.

The service is hosted and managed in the Cloud by 9STAR’s ProtectNetwork team. Here are some of the features and benefits of using the ProtectNetwork SaaS service:


  • Hosted on Amazon’s robust and scalable AWS cloud platform
  • Managed by 9STAR’s ProtectNetwork staff
  • No major upfront investment, No hardware or software to purchase
  • Easy web based User provisioning into the shared identity service
  • Assign Users to Groups and Entitlements for access
  • Point and click on-boarding of SAML SP WebApps
  • Leverage ProtectNetwork’s partnerships with Identity Federations worldwide
  • Includes help desk support for End-Users
  • Shibboleth/SAML SSO open standards compliant
  • Automatic upgrades and patches
  • Simply subscribe the service for use, Pay As You Go
  • Tier-1 technical support
  • End-User help desk support
  • Annual subscriptions start as low as $2,497
  • Register for an Admin Account today and Test Drive for Free for 30-Days!
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